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Satisfying customers with industry-leading control panels since 2012.

Overseeing the supply, installation and commissioning of Trend Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) for End User clients and Mechanical & Electrical contracting organisations.

Who Are Kinetic?

Bristol’s most-trusted energy and control system suppliers since 2012.

We recognise our duty of safety to our employees and others and operate safety and in total compliance to ensure all aspects of our activities are controlled and legislation requirements are met.

If you are a Mechanical Engineering Consultant, we are able to assist you with all aspects of BEMS design. Using our experience and knowledge we are able to provide advice and carry out site surveys to establish the correct BEMS design, right through to detailed quotation, installation & implementation.

Fully-Accredited HVAC Control System Specialists.

Bristol’s Finest Trend-Approved Systems Integrator.

Trend is one of the world’s leading Building Energy Management System manufacturers. It’s fully integrated control solutions are able to meet the most complex requirements of modern buildings.

Through close control and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other building services, Trend systems are able to minimise energy consumption and maintain consistently comfortable conditions – as well as bringing other key benefits such as lower plant maintenance costs. Systems are to be found in virtually every type of non-residential buildings, from schools, hospitals and leisure centres to office blocks, shops and factories. Suitable for the largest building complexes and multi-site applicatons, they are still cost-effective in even very small premises.

As a Trend approved Systems Integrator (SI) we have demonstrated we can meet defined high standards of workmanship, contract management, documentation and quality control. All are subject to regular audit to ensure these standards are being maintained.

Talk to the leading Control System experts.

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