Project Type: Trend BEMS
Location: Penzance
Value: £40,000
Completion: April 2021

Contract Period: 6 Weeks
Client: Park Heating & Gas Services
Consulting Engineer: D.W.P

When the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) needed to upgrade their aging Boiler Plant at Penzance Job Centre they decided to also replace the Satchwell BAS2800 Outstations which have been controlling the plantrooms since 1996.DWP chose Trend IQ4E controls in line with the systems used in their other properties. After surveying the Control Panels we proposed to retrofit the Trend Controllers into the existing Panel Control Sections. This minimises the project cost and down time to the building and plant. Existing Switchgear was reused and adapted to suit the new controllers and re-configured plant. After recommissioning, testing and demonstrating the new system our client and the buildings maintenance team are delighted with the new systems.

– LTHW Heating Plant

– Air Handling Units

– IQ4E Controllers

– IQView8 Touchscreens

– Cat 6 ethernet comms

– 5G Router remote access