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Over 25 years experience in BEMS and Control Panel design in the HVAC industry.

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Project Mobilisation

Project Mobilisation.

We endeavour to begin your project within 2 working days of receiving your order. We will gather the plant data required to accurately size electrical loads, valve sizing and control panel design.

Control Panel Design

Control Panel Design.

Using our own understanding and knowledge of the project, our in-house approach to control panel design is essential to this critical phase of a successful project.

Regular Site Visits

Regular Site Visits.

Our regular site visits give us a practical familiarisation with the building and plant layout. Understanding and getting it right first time prevents costly re-work or delays, helps us to keep our projects competitively priced and secures our good reputation we have worked hard to achieve.

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation.

Kinetic electrical installation is carried out by our approved electrical sub-contractors according to current legislation and the best working practice required for a reliable and long-lasting installation.



We start the commissioning process with point-to-point checks and each field device is tested and recorded from Plant to Controller. When the Controller strategy is installed, full-operational function and safety conditions are simulated, tested and recorded.

Witness Testing

Witness Testing & Handover.

Handover demonstrations will be carried out carefully involving all parties who require training and understanding of the final system installation. We will ensure sufficient training and accurate operation and maintenance information is provided to ensure a smooth handover for this final phase of the project.

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